Welcome Chun Han Hsiao – Senior Software Engineer

Hi there, my name is Chun Han and I’m a new Senior Software Engineer at Diffbot. I started programming as a senior in high school and have enjoyed it a lot. I then started studying Computer Science at National Central University in Taiwan.

While I worked as a Software Engineer for several companies, I enjoyed contributing to some open source projects and being a part of the community. I contributed to many projects like Netty, Mitmproxy, ModelMapper, and Trino. I enjoyed learning from those experiences, and working with different people. Afterwards, I started my own project, Nitmproxy (or Netty-in-the-middle proxy). This project started as a personal project, but never knew it would be used by someone other than me. I’m surprised and really appreciate that now it was used by Diffbot. I’m glad that my work really solves problems and is used by other people.

I’m excited about my new journey with Diffbot. I feel there are so many things I can do here. From working on different projects, to improving my skills, and growing with the company.