The Top Hacker News Writers (2022)

Hacker News is a crowd-sourced aggregator of the top content on the web that “good hackers find interesting”. It’s easy enough to see who are the top curators on HN, but who are the writers that are most successful at getting to the front page of Hacker News?

We used Diffbot’s Article Extraction API to analyze the 10,950 stories that made it to the Hacker News frontpage in the last 12 months, extracting the author and topics of each article. Sorting by the most prolific individual authors, here are the Top 20 Authors of HN frontpage content in the last 12 months:

AuthorFrontpage Appearances
(last 12mo)
Recent Frontpage ArticlesTopics
Credit: Kristof ClerixBrian Krebs26A Closer Look at the LAPSUS$ Data Extortion Group
Scary Fraud Ensues When ID Theft & Usury Collide
NY Man Pleads Guilty in $20 Million SIM Swap Theft
Microsoft, World Wide Web, computer security
Jonathan Corbet - Author and Kernel Developer and Executive Editor @ LWN  Net - Crunchbase Person ProfileJonathan Corbet24A way out for a.out
Toward a better list iterator for the kernel
Moving the kernel to modern C, kernel, Unix
AvatarKen Shirriff23Silicon die teardown: a look inside an early 555 timer chip
Yamaha DX7 chip reverse-engineering, part V: the output circuitry
Inside the Apple-1’s unusual MOS clock driver chip
Yamaha DX7, read-only memory, engineering Evans17Implementing a toy version of TLS 1.3
Celebrate tiny learning milestones
Some tiny personal programs I’ve written
Domain Name System, debugging, Rust
ImageDan Luu17Why is it so hard to buy things that work well?
Cocktail party ideas
The container throttling problem
Google, CPU, Steve Yegge
Derek LoweDerek Lowe14
Deliberately Optimizing for Harm
These Are Real Compounds
An ALS Protein, Revealed
Genentech, CRISPR, AlphaFold
Jennifer Ouellette: “Nobody likes soda that's been left open and gone flat”  | by Bobbie Johnson | MediumJennifer Ouellette13An asteroid killed dinosaurs in spring—which might explain why mammals survived
Study: 1960 ramjet design for interstellar travel—a sci-fi staple—is unfeasible
Tiny tardigrades walk like insects 500,000 times their size
Italy, Luis, Walter Alvarez, Ig Nobel Prize
Catalin Cimpanu12GitLab servers are being exploited in DDoS attacks in excess of 1 Tbps
DDoS attacks hit multiple email providers
Malware found preinstalled in classic push-button phones sold in Russia
Google, computer security, Android, Russia
Jeff GeerlingJeff Geerling11Check your driver! Faster Linux 2.5G Networking with Realtek RTL8125B
Turing Pi 2: 4 Raspberry Pi nodes on a mini ITX board
SpaceX’s Starlink Review – Four months in
Raspberry Pi, Starlink, SpaceX
Michal Necasek11Unidentified PC DOS 1.1 Boot Sector Junk Identified
The Secret History of ATAPI
Looking for High Sierra
Microsoft, IBM PC DOS, MS-DOS
Paul Graham (programmer) - WikipediaPaul Graham10Putting Ideas into Words
Is There Such a Thing as Good Taste?
A Project of One’s Own
knowledge, PayPal, Michael Lind
ImageSimon Willison10How I build a feature
git-history: a tool for analyzing scraped data collected using Git and SQLite
Apply conversion functions to data in SQLite columns with the sqlite-utils CLI tool
SQLite, JSON, Python
Ned Utzig10Holy Nonads! A Nine-Bit Computer!
The Further Text Adventures of Scott Adams
A Talk With Computer Gaming Pioneer Walter Bright About Empire
IBM, Walter Bright, Sun Microsystems
Davide Castelvecchi on Muck RackDavide Castelvecchi9Earth-like planet spotted orbiting Sun’s closest star
DeepMind’s AI helps untangle the mathematics of knots
Astrophysicists unveil glut of gravitational-wave detections
mathematics, Roger Penrose, theoretical physics
Dan Goodin9Cybercriminals who breached Nvidia issue one of the most unusual demands ever
iOS zero-day let SolarWinds hackers compromise fully updated iPhones
This is not a drill: VMware vuln with 9.8 severity rating is under attack
Microsoft, iOS, graphics card
Ian CutressDr. Ian Cutress9From There to Here, and Beyond
Did IBM Just Preview The Future of Caches?
An AnandTech Interview with Jim Anderson, CEO of Lattice Semiconductor
Intel, CPU cache, Ryzen, Advanced Micro Devices
Jake Edge9Restricting SSH agent keys
Moving Google toward the mainline
Cooperative package management for Python, Python, Secure Shell
Jean-Luc AufrancJean-Luc Aufranc9Android 13 virtualization lets Pixel 6 run Windows 11, Linux distributions
Add 10GbE to your system with an M.2 2280 module
StarFive Dubhe 64-bit RISC-V core to be found in 12nm, 2 GHz processors
RISC-V, SiFive, ARM Cortex-A75
Bret Devereaux9Collections: How the Weak Can Win – A Primer on Protracted War
Collections: Rome: Decline and Fall? Part II: Institutions
Collections: Fortification, Part V: The Age of Industrial Firepower
Rome, Ancient Rome, Decline and Fall, War
Howard Oakley on Muck RackHoward Oakley9Explainer: Whatever happened to QuickTime?
How good is Monterey’s Visual Look Up?
How Secure Boot works on M1 series Macs
Apple Inc., macOS, M1
Top Authors of HN Frontpage content from 2021-03-27 to 2022-03-27

It’s good to see that after all these years, Hacker News has stayed true to the core hacker audience: operating systems, hardware, and security dominate the topics of the to writers.

You can find the full colab notebook for generating these results.