Automatically Enrich Your Pipeline Without Code

Congratulations! You’ve reached the problem past you decided would be a “good” problem to have for future you — managing the flood of thousands of inbound leads.

What started as a trickle of leads is now a new full-time job of googling, validating, scoring, and assigning each lead to the right account rep. It’s hardly sustainable, and you’re finally putting your foot down to do something about it.

There are options of course. Everything from your $20,000+ auto-renewing annual contracts with big sales intelligence data platforms promising to solve all your data woes to hiring an intern. None of which will solve your problem today, and as it turns out, you’ll probably still end up doing the majority of the work (I know I did…).

Thankfully these days, no code platforms like exist to solve this. Databar’s no code API connector allow you to automate your revenue operating system without touching a single line of code. And with Diffbot’s latest partnership with, you can now enrich your thousands of inbound leads with facts from Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph in just a few clicks.

Screenshot of Diffbot’s integration on

What can I do with Databar & Diffbot?

Starting today, Databar will offer the following enrichments

Upload a CSV into’s familiar spreadsheet interface and follow the prompts to deploy any of these enrichments.

Do I need a Diffbot account to use Databar?

Nope! If all you need automated are the enrichments listed above, a Diffbot account is not required to enhance your leads. However, if you wish to dive deeper into all the possible ways to enhance your database of accounts and contacts directly, contact us at

How do I get started?

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