Welcome Elena Czubiak – Software Engineer & Designer

Hi! I’m Elena Czubiak and I recently joined Diffbot as a Software Engineer & Designer. My dual role reflects the fun and winding road my career has taken through tech.

One of my first jobs was as the help center writer for Gmail and Inbox (RIP), where I facilitated or observed hundreds of hours of UX research. I learned that it doesn’t matter how “tech-savvy” a user is, everyone prefers to use products that are more obvious and simple than subtle and clever. From there I became a Program Manager and helped investigate and solve the biggest issues users faced for a variety of Google products.

I always knew I had a technical side that wasn’t quite satisfied by my fancy spreadsheets. So I got serious about learning to code and completed an immersive  software engineering program. Afterwards, I was ready to try something different and be able to both code and design, so I developed and launched my own app for iOS & Android, and built interesting web apps for clients.

At Diffbot I get to use the combination of all of my experiences and interests to design and build user-focused tools.

On a typical Saturday, you’ll find me taking a long walk through Berkeley while listening to podcasts, stopping to read a book in a beautiful park, and ending the day with a night at the movies.