Welcome Anurag Sharma – Software Engineer

Picture of Anurag SharmaHello! I am Anurag Sharma and I work on software infrastructure at Diffbot. Most of my time at Diffbot is spent analyzing API queries, performance tuning, and result verification. If you feel some of the APIs are slow for your queries, you should write to me. 

Before starting at Diffbot, I spent time improving query latencies for an open-source graph database. And earlier than that I used to crunch numbers for a big investment bank that rhymes with “Oldman Tracks”.

I grew up in New Delhi, India, which is a really big and happening city and there’s a really good chance you’ll easily get lost in the hustle. And now I live in Bengaluru, where the weather is so good that you will never want to leave.

When I am not working with software or investigating database internals, I really enjoy reading world history, swimming, and running.