The Top Coding Bootcamps For Founders According To The Knowledge Graph

Last week we took a look at the top universities for female founders. In our results, we noted that our web-reading AI associates tech bootcamp attendance with education, and a large cluster of founders attended specific universities in conjunction with bootcamps.

New to the Knowledge Graph? Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph is constructed by crawling a vast majority of the web and structuring data on pages using NLP and machine vision. The end result is one of the world’s largest databases of organizations, people, articles, products and more, all linked and with data provenance.

To return results from the Knowledge Graph, you submit queries which filter which entities to return. In this case we queried the Knowledge Graph to return individuals who:

  1. Attended an educational institution with the name of a top bootcamp
  2. Have held a job title including “CEO,” “chief executive officer,” or “founder”

We then returned a facet (summary) view of how many of these individuals attended each bootcamp.

While General Assembly holds the distinction of graduating the largest number of founders, bootcamps come in a wide range of enrollment numbers. Below we brought in external data on total bootcamp attendance to see what percentage of bootcamp graduates in our Knowledge Graph have previously been or are currently founders.

Bootcamp Graduate Founders and Funding

Publicly declaring you’ve founded an org is one thing, but selling others on your idea is the first real litmus test for your idea’s validity. Below are the results for a Knowledge Graph query related to the query above but looking at how many bootcamp graduate founders have raised funds for their orgs. While General Assembly yet again leads the way, the percentage of Hack Reactor graduate founders who have raised some funding for their ideas is slightly higher.

While the process to raise a funding round is a substantial hurdle to many ideas, noteworthy percentages of founders who attended bootcamps do secure funding. We following values were computed by noting the percentage of fund raising bootcamp founders compared to total bootcamp enrollment.

Among founders who graduated from bootcamps and raised funding rounds, funding is typical of SAAS rounds. Using the following query we isolated the largest bins of funding round amounts for bootcamp founders.

What Industries Are Bootcamp Graduates Disrupting

Among bootcamp graduates who found their own business, the single largest industry cluster is social networking followed by common consulting, professional services, and creative agency fields. Results returned through this Knowledge Graph query.

Diffbot is one of the easiest ways to integrate external (web) data at scale. This leads to as many compelling uses as there are uses for data on the web.

A few Knowledge Graph data uses related to this query include:

  • Human Resources + Recruiting
  • Market Intelligence
  • Investing + Finance