The State of Donald Trump’s Media

As we hurdle towards the end of 2019 and, just as inevitably, another election cycle here in the US, we decided to task Diffy with a special mission using the Diffbot Knowledge Graph: analyzing our global obsession with President Donald Trump.

While the most important takeaway is almost certainly that President Trump gets plenty of headlines, the results of our analysis are no less newsworthy in their own right.

After pouring through more than 158 million stories published globally in 2019, we discovered:

  • China was, by far, the largest distributor of news in 2019, producing nearly 13.5 million stories this year (in total, not all about Donald Trump), with the United States media a “close” second at just over 10.6 million stories.
  • Hong Kong dominated the news in China, while Donald Trump captured the most US headlines and, surprisingly, the most Russian headlines as well (surpassing even Vladamir Putin)
  • Germany shared the US obsession with Trump, writing more than 90k stories about the President in 2019
  • Ukraine, Impeachment, and Joe Biden all shared the most stories with Trump in 2019
  • President Trump enjoyed more than 15x the media coverage of his nearest Democratic opponent.

Check out the full report below and share.