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Product Data

Product Data includes all readable, measurable, and structurable data about products. While there is no universally accepted schema for all product data, there are many applications for product data types that can be extracted from the public web. 
Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph™ as well as custom API extraction methods can extract and classify product data for a number of use cases including market research, supply chain research, pricing data, and ecommerce uses. 
Most notably, Diffbot’s automated extraction can provide the following fields from any product page type across the web:
  • Images
  • Offer Price
  • Product ID
  • Regular Price
  • Isbn
  • Upc
  • Origin of product
  • Language of product
  • Mpn
  • Availability
  • Presence of multiple offers 
  • Discussion and review data (as discussion entity types)
  • Shipping amount
  • Brand
  • SKU
  • Among other fields