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Organizational Data

Organizational Data — also called firmographic or firm demographic data — is data related to the fundamental characteristics, processes and structure of organizations. Additionally, organization data may track key behaviors of corporate or external market actors (e.g. funding rounds, mergers and acquisitions, key hires, new regulations).

Organizational data has many use cases, most notably market intelligence as well as the segmentation of sales and marketing prospects.

Market intelligence uses for organizational data can include:

  • Calculation of total addressable market (Tutorial)
  • Calculating attrition, hiring and skill data (Tutorial)
  • Creation of industry overviews (Tutorial)

Organizational data can also support and inform news monitoring efforts with uses including:

  • Building news feeds of important industry events (Test Drive)
  • Applying Natural Language Processing to track key relationships at scale (Test Drive)

Linked organization data can be used to spot trends in relationships to companies. For example, within supply chain analysis risks can be pinpointed among suppliers.

Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph provides coverage of hundreds of millions of organizations, as well as their relationships to article entities, person entities, and brand entities. The interlinking of this range of standardized data types leads to vast and valuable exploratory data sets that can power market intelligence, augment product data and lead news monitoring efforts.