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Knowledge Graph Entity

Knowledge Graph Entities are people, places, or “things” as defined within a knowledge graph. Grammatically, entities tend to be nouns or objects when mentioned in sentences. Through relationship extraction and inference engines, entities become interlinked and populated with facts. 
For example, a location may be an entity within a knowledge graph that is linked to all organizations and people who are located there. Additional facts that populate records on this location may include population, demographic data, descriptions, images, or news mentions. 
A product is another example of an entity. Knowledge graph records for a product may include size, availability, where it is sold, who sells it, review data, and news mentions. In turn, this product may be referenced within the knowledge graph entity of its manufacturer. 
Each entity within Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph™ is attached to a number of “records” that are sourced through web-scale data extraction and the parsing of facts through artificial intelligence. 
The Diffbot Knowledge Graph™ is comprised of the following entity types:
  • AdministrativeArea
  • Article
  • Corporation
  • Degree Entity
  • Discussion
  • EducationMajorEntity
  • EducationalInstitution
  • EmploymentCategory
  • Event
  • Image
  • Intangible
  • Landmark
  • LocalBusiness
  • Miscellaneous
  • Organization
  • Person
  • Place
  • Post
  • Product
  • Role
  • Skill
  • Or Video