Diffbot State of Machine Learning Report – 2018

In what will likely be the first of many reports from the team here at Diffbot, we wanted to start with a topic near and dear to our (silicon) hearts: machine learning.

Using the Diffbot Knowledge Graph, and in only a matter of hours, we conducted the single largest survey of machine learning skills ever compiled in order to generate a clear, global picture of the machine learning workforce. All of the data contained here was pulled from our structured database of more than 1 trillion facts about 10 trillion entities (and growing autonomously every day).

Of course, this is only scraping the surface of the data contained in our Knowledge Graph and, it’s worth noting, what you see below are not just numbers in a spreadsheet. What each of these data points represents are actual entities in our Knowledge Graph, each with their own set of data attached and linked to thousands of other entities in the KG.

So, when we say there are 720,000+ people skilled in machine learning – each of those people has their own entry in the Knowledge Graph, rich with publicly available information about their education, location, public profiles, work history, and more.