Diffbot Partners with Avast to Improve Consumer Online Privacy

Excited to make public our collaboration with Avast Software, now the world’s largest Antivirus security company, which is using Diffbot, the world’s largest Knowledge Graph, to improve the online privacy of consumers around the world. The average internet user visits 94 web pages each day, and each site includes various trackers and lengthy legal terms that are impossible for the average person to fully read and understand the implications of. We’re using AI to improve online privacy–by using machines to read all of the privacy policies on the entire web and making every company’s privacy posture transparent.
Working with the Avast team has also been a great example of corporate-startup collaboration, oft sought-after by corporate innovation groups, but rarely achieved. It’s been a pleasure to observe a team of ML engineers from different companies coming together to solve a common problem of societal importance, and shipping code. 
In addition to integrating this into Avast products, we plan to publish our privacy insights in a series of blog posts and hope to make available the underlying datasets for academic and industry privacy research groups.

Full details: https://blog.avast.com/avast-and-diffbot-collaboration-avast