Welcome Joone Hur – Software Engineer

Hello everyone! 

My name is Joone, and I am a new Software Engineer at Diffbot where I own the renderability and performance of the rendering farm here. For many years, I worked on web engines such as Gecko, WebKit and Chromium at Samsung and Intel Open Source Technology Center. Currently, I am pursuing a new adventure with a machine learning company.

Human beings have advanced with the internet. We can easily share information and communicate with anyone in the world, but sometimes we face issues such as the information being impermanent and inaccurate. Also, it is still hard to find information from the web even though we have good search engines and Wikipedia. In fact, they have not changed much since they were invented. Diffbot is building a knowledge graph that will be the future of human knowledge, which motivated me to join. Essentially, my role here is to make the web machine readable for our machine learning systems. I have also studied data mining using neural networks for my Masters degree which will help when working with our researchers.

In my free time, I’m a professional comic artist, and I post my comics about free/open source software at https://joone.net. If I have the chance, I will draw comics about machine learning and Diffbot’s services. Stay tuned for our blogs and follow us on Twitter!