From the Changelog: Product API Improvements, Custom API Management, Article Categorization

We’ve had a busy start to 2016. Here are some of the highlights from our January Changelog:

Product API Improvements

We’ve drastically improved our product availability detection through a combination of significantly expanded training data and the introduction of some dedicated machine-learning features. We’ve also reduced the likelihood of returning an incorrect offerPrice from out-of-stock or otherwise unavailable products.

Our automatic specifications extraction has also seen improvement, with more to come in the impending months.

An Official Custom API Endpoint

Diffbot’s Custom APIs allow you to create your own API and extract any data from practically any page — or update our existing Automatic APIs with your own custom fields.

We’ve now introduced an official API for managing your Custom APIs. You can add, update and remove rules or entire rulesets; use it for backup purposes; migrate rules from other platforms; and also access some new features and functionality not yet available in the API Toolkit UI.

See the new API docs for more information.

Don’t Forget the Article API

Our original API, the Article API, isn’t without some updates. We’ve improved video detection in extracted articles and also added an initial categorization functionality. Contact us at for information on using this beta feature.