Diffbot APIs Are Getting Very META

We noticed recently that a common use for our Custom API Toolkit was augmenting Diffbot’s Automatic APIs with custom fields to return markup <META> tag data: meta descriptions, OpenGraph and Twitter Card tags, Schema.org microdata, etc.

We figured we’d save you the trouble of hand-curating rules, so we added the <META> parameter across all of our APIs. If you include &meta in your API request, you’ll receive an object containing the content from all of the page’s <META> elements, including nested objects for OpenGraph, Twitter Card, and Schema.org microdata.

August 2, 2013 update: We have added support for oEmbed data. If the submitted URL has an oEmbed endpoint, the full oEmbed object will be returned in a nested ‘oembed’ element.

Sample output from the &meta parameter
Sample output using the &meta parameter

Have a look at more specifics in our Article API documentation, or simply try out &meta today.

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