Articles by: Ariadne Caldwell

Welcome Chun Han Hsiao – Senior Software Engineer

Hi there, my name is Chun Han and I’m a new Senior Software Engineer at Diffbot. I started programming as a senior in high school and have enjoyed it a lot. I then started studying Computer Science at National Central University in Taiwan.

While I worked as a Software Engineer for several companies, I enjoyed contributing to some open source projects and being a part of the community. I contributed to many projects like Netty, Mitmproxy, ModelMapper, and Trino. I enjoyed learning from those experiences, and working with different people. Afterwards, I started my own project, Nitmproxy (or Netty-in-the-middle proxy). This project started as a personal project, but never knew it would be used by someone other than me. I’m surprised and really appreciate that now it was used by Diffbot. I’m glad that my work really solves problems and is used by other people.

I’m excited about my new journey with Diffbot. I feel there are so many things I can do here. From working on different projects, to improving my skills, and growing with the company.

Welcome Elena Czubiak – Software Engineer & Designer

Hi! I’m Elena Czubiak and I recently joined Diffbot as a Software Engineer & Designer. My dual role reflects the fun and winding road my career has taken through tech.

One of my first jobs was as the help center writer for Gmail and Inbox (RIP), where I facilitated or observed hundreds of hours of UX research. I learned that it doesn’t matter how “tech-savvy” a user is, everyone prefers to use products that are more obvious and simple than subtle and clever. From there I became a Program Manager and helped investigate and solve the biggest issues users faced for a variety of Google products.

I always knew I had a technical side that wasn’t quite satisfied by my fancy spreadsheets. So I got serious about learning to code and completed an immersive  software engineering program. Afterwards, I was ready to try something different and be able to both code and design, so I developed and launched my own app for iOS & Android, and built interesting web apps for clients.

At Diffbot I get to use the combination of all of my experiences and interests to design and build user-focused tools.

On a typical Saturday, you’ll find me taking a long walk through Berkeley while listening to podcasts, stopping to read a book in a beautiful park, and ending the day with a night at the movies. 

Welcome Ananya Gupta – Machine Learning Engineer

Hi! My name is Ananya Gupta and I’m from India. I recently joined Diffbot as a Machine Learning Engineer. I got interested in coding when I was in eighth grade. It led me to pursue my Bachelor’s from NIT Allahabad in information technology.

I gradually developed interest in machine learning, fascinated by the capabilities of the neural networks. I decided to do a deep dive into machine learning. I did my Master’s in Computer Science from Umass Amherst. I liked studying natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML) and computer vision (CV). My research was based on making sure that machine learning systems are fair and unbiased, and ensuring high probability guarantees of safety.

My goal is to build NLP and CV systems which can be used to solve real world problems. I feel very fortunate to be working at Diffbot! I also like traveling, hiking, and cooking.

Welcome Bhabesh Chanduka – Machine Learning Engineer

Picture of Bhabesh ChandukaHey everyone, I’m Bhabesh Chanduka. I recently joined Diffbot as a Machine Learning Engineer. I currently work on DiffbotAPI, where my work revolves around developing algorithms for web data extraction.

I spent the entirety of my childhood and teen years in the city of Bangalore. I did my Bachelors in Information Technology from the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka, Surathkal (which is one of the few universities in the world to have a private beach).

Soon after this, I came to the US to pursue my Master’s in Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where I developed a keen interest in the field of Knowledge Graphs. I strongly feel that Knowledge Graphs are the key to truly realize the potential of Artificial Intelligence.

Having said that, I’m super excited to start my career at Diffbot. In my free time I like to play chess, swim, bike and play video games.

Welcome Anurag Sharma – Software Engineer

Picture of Anurag SharmaHello! I am Anurag Sharma and I work on software infrastructure at Diffbot. Most of my time at Diffbot is spent analyzing API queries, performance tuning, and result verification. If you feel some of the APIs are slow for your queries, you should write to me. 

Before starting at Diffbot, I spent time improving query latencies for an open-source graph database. And earlier than that I used to crunch numbers for a big investment bank that rhymes with “Oldman Tracks”.

I grew up in New Delhi, India, which is a really big and happening city and there’s a really good chance you’ll easily get lost in the hustle. And now I live in Bengaluru, where the weather is so good that you will never want to leave.

When I am not working with software or investigating database internals, I really enjoy reading world history, swimming, and running.